The Cyprus Visiting School will draw from the research on the unique urban condition of the city of Famagusta, conducted under the agenda of the “No Man’s Land Project” workshop held in 2010. Participating institutions included the Architectural Association’s Design Research Laboratory, Dessau Institute of Architecture (DIA) Bauhaus, The Why Factory, Delft and the National Technical University of Athens.

No Man’s Land Project 2010

image: ‘DIKTYO’ designed for the No Man’s Land Project workshop held in 2010, by students from the AA Design Research Laboratory and the University of Cyprus  (Theodore Spyropoulos Studio, Tutor: Omrana Ahmed, Team: Stella Dourtme, Afra Farry, Elina Pattichi, Michael Rogers, Sean Rasmusen, Andri Shalou, Papiotis Georgious, Angela Koutsodimitropoulou, Nataly Mitsinga, Joanna Theodosiou)